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Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

On the Surface

The 10 of Pentacles is one of my favorite cards in the deck. It is always a welcome card into a reading. Pentacles are associated with Earth, which links it to material pleasures or in this case material wealth. This is also a card that emphasizes wealth manifested in the earthly realm, due to its connection with the number 10, which is Malkuth. 

There are many ways to interpret this card, and it has manifested with me personally in each of these ways. If the card shows up in the past, it refers to wealth attained or not attained (reversed) in the past. When the card has shown up in the present portion of the reading, it has read similarly to the prior explanation of the past. When it is the future portion of a reading, it is wealth on the way, or not. 
Dig Deeper

When we dig a little deeper we see that this card becomes more complex. The numerology with 10 will reference events or things that have ended or may begin again. Be sure to look at the other cards around the ten to find out what may be starting over or ending. Ten is a number of manifestation, endings, and beginnings. 

The astrology on the card is Mercury in Virgo. Mercury the messenger is using the the analytic, detailed oriented energy of Virgo to attain wealth. When we pay attention to details, but do not get consumed with them, wealth arrives more slowly, but the results are more long lasting. This card also speaks on the subject of discrimination. Mercury is representing the mind and Virgo the subject of discrimination. When we use our mind to sort out the discriminate through the details we attain a wealth of knowledge and the mind is stronger.  

Wealth doesn't always have to reference material desires either. For example you may have a simple 3 card spread like:  the Tower (Past), Wealth (Present), and Valor 7 of Wands (Future). In this instance the cards would be saying that the client had a complete reconstruction of some sort of foundation. This reconstruction was acute and possibly difficult. As you move through the reading the cards actually become highly positive. The Ten is saying that in the present they have overcame this tough time and from the reconstruction, they are actually better off. It can also be saying the reconstruction is over and their mind is enlightened. They have a stronger mind because they are able to discriminate which battles to fight and how to pay attention to the details. Finally, the last card is saying their future is filled with resiliency, courage, and valor. Mars in Leo is emphasizing that the resiliency and valor will benefit them substantially.

Always look for the deeper meaning of the cards. When the deeper meaning is interpreted you will find that it connects the whole reading together and ultimately the client to the reading as well. The lesson, never take things at face value!

Lord Auriael, The Prince of Swords

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